OUR Products
Direct contact with the farmer and constant technical training and support guarantee the prime quality of the raw material used in our processing plants. This selected raw material, is processed with sophisticated equipment, specifically designed for each product, under the supervision of highly qualified personnel. At the end of each process, our products are subjected to the strictest quality control evaluation.

Historically, isolation from the traditional trade routes, the lack of facilities and infrastructure, and the concentration of harvests all within a short period of the year, have tended to cause over-production or surplus and consequently losses of up to 70% of the total crop. This represents a decline in revenue for the farmer himself, and affects the economy of families within the community.

The purchase of raw material for the processing of our product portfolio in our production plants from local communities makes it possible for a farmer to secure a “prior-sale” of his harvest, at a better market price, and to decrease possible losses. It also facilitates the logistical issues of storage and transport, and more importantly it guarantees price stability and the value of the raw material to be commercialized on the market.

We have installed the most sophisticated equipment, and use latest technology to ensure that all the original characteristics, nutritional content, flavor, color and aroma of the original product, are preserved. This is all done by maintaining the processing temperatures at below 45ºC (110ºF), in accordance with international “raw” standards. The final product is subjected to microbiological and physical-chemical analysis to guarantee the highest standards of food hygiene and quality control.
OurProduct Lines
We have the most advanced technology available for the processing of Andean grains in our grain processing plant. We have put together the most sophisticated industrial experiences from Peru related to the processing of Andean grains and have combined them with equipment and technology from Germany to offer grains with 99.95% purity, free of saponin and free from microbial contamination.
Our cacao is not processed for the gastronomic industry, where the priority is to maximize aromas and flavors with aggressive toasting processes, and not necessarily preserve the bean’s original high antioxidant content. Our cacao products are “raw”, having been processed at temperatures below 45ºC (110ºF) so as to preserve to the maximum the beans’ natural health properties.
The process of “raw” drying ensures the preservation of the natural characteristics of the fresh product, and its nutritional and organoleptic properties. To achieve this we use low dehydration temperatures and very dry air, which combined with low atmospheric pressure and short post-harvest times allows us to produce a unique, prime quality, dehydrated product.

PrivateLabel Service

For companies that would like to market our products under their own Brand name, we offer the service of private labeling. This service involves the packaging of the product according to customer’s preferences or requirements, and the printing of the labels and any other specified information in such a way that the product is ready for direct sale, to the final consumer at destination. Types of packaging available:
  • Doypacks
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • and others upon request